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Philadelphia BOTOX Injections

There are plenty of benefits to visiting your dentist. With the help of routine visits you can make absolutely sure that your teeth and gums are as healthy as they can be, but you can also have a variety of other cosmetic procedures completed as well. Here at The Tabas Center for Advanced Dentistry, our resident dentist, Dr. Norman Tabas can not only provide patients with routine dental work and dental exams, but he can also provide them with Philadelphia BOTOX injections that will have them looking years younger in no time.

The way that your teeth, your smile and mouth looks can have a huge affect on your overall appearance. People who are missing or uneven teeth may notice that their mouth looks different and this is because their teeth are no longer providing the same support they once did for the area around their lips and mouth. Sometimes, discolored teeth can make a person look older or more weary, which is why teeth whitening treatments are so popular these days. But when it comes to wrinkles, age lines, and laugh lines, your dentist can help improve that too. Here at The Tabas Center for Advanced Dentistry, Dr. Tabas can provide interested patients with BOTOX cosmetic injections. This procedure is non-surgical and can be used to improve the appearance of wrinkles and lines around the mouth. Because your dentist is so well acquainted with the region of the mouth, dealing with the outer portion is included as well. With Philadelphia BOTOX injections, you can improve this area of the face easily. BOTOX can temporarily fill out and smooth your problem areas, lessening the appearance of wrinkles and lines for a period of time. You can come back and schedule follow up appointments if you wish to keep up with the rejuvenating results of BOTOX injections.

Philadelphia BOTOX injections here at The Tabas Center for Advanced Dentistry are completely safe. In fact, they are approved by the FDA so there is absolutely nothing to fear. If you have any age lines or wrinkles that are bothering you, come by The Tabas Center for Advanced Dentistry to schedule an appointment for BOTOX injections today.

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