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Philadelphia Root Canal

Tooth extraction in Philadelphia

Philadelphia root canal

Philadelphia root canal

When tooth decay forms a cavity deep enough to allow bacteria to enter the pulp chamber of your tooth, you can end up with an infection in the nerve. This typically leads to intense pain, especially when you chew or apply pressure to the tooth. In order relieve the pain, and also to save the tooth from being removed, you can get our Philadelphia root canal. At The Tabas Center for Advanced Dentistry, you will have the advantage of having root canal therapy done by our highly skilled and experienced dentist. And while some people are afraid of getting a root canal, with today’s modern techniques and tools, the procedure need not be scary, and you will be kept as comfortable as possible during it. There is about a 90% success rate for root canal, so you can feel confident that you will be able to retain your tooth.

Aside from a deep cavity or large filling, a tooth that is cracked or chipped can also put you at risk for needing our Philadelphia root canal. And in more rare instances, facial trauma due to an accident or injury may be the reason why. In addition to pain, you might also experience sensitivity to hot or cold food or beverages, tooth discoloration or tenderness in your gums. When you are noticing any of those symptoms, you should call us right away and schedule an examination. If a great deal of swelling is present, you may need antibiotics to bring it down before the root canal can be performed.

You will be numbed sufficiently with a local anesthetic prior to the start of our Philadelphia root canal so that you are at ease during it. Most patients report little or even no pain as part of it. The tooth is drilled from the top in order to gain access to the pulp, which is then removed along with the nerve. Different types of teeth have varying numbers of canals, but each will be cleaned thoroughly. A putty-like substance is then used to fill them afterward to prevent any further infection.

One or more sessions will be required, depending on several factors, including the number of canals to be addressed. Between visits, you will get a temporary crown put on to protect the tooth. When our Philadelphia root canal is completed, you will then be measured and later fitted for a permanent crown.

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