Philadelphia PA dental clinic

Philadelphia PA Dental Clinic

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Emergencies in Philadelphia PA

Philadelphia PA dental clinic
Philadelphia PA dental clinic

We hope you never do have a dental emergency, but should you ever experience a toothache or other dental problem, contact us at The Tabas Center for Advanced Dentistry. At our Philadelphia PA dental clinic, our top-notch dentist, Dr. Norman Tabas, can provide you with treatment for dental emergencies.

There are many different types of dental emergencies, all of which can be addressed and treated at our Philadelphia PA dental clinic. If you have a toothache, this indeed constitutes a dental emergency. A toothache can be caused by many different reasons. If a tooth has damaged or infected pulp, you will need to have a root canal treatment to alleviate the pain and infection in your mouth. The good news is that root canal treatments can now be done at our office while our patients remain in total comfort. This is due to our office’s state-of-the-art equipment, our dentist’s use of modern dental techniques, and our modern dental anesthesia. If a root canal treatment is not provided, the tooth will only worsen in condition and will eventually fall out on its own. If our dentist determines that your tooth cannot be saved by root canal treatment, it will need to be extracted. The tooth can then be replaced with a dental implant or a dental bridge. When wisdom teeth have problems trying to erupt, they can become very painful. Whenever wisdom teeth are causing any type of tooth pain or disruption in your mouth, it is recommended that they are removed. This is because wisdom teeth are not needed for chewing, or for clear speech. Wisdom teeth are not replaced once they are extracted. Other types of dental problems that we treat are teeth that have been dislodged or avulsed. Dental emergencies can also occur when a cap or veneer becomes loose or falls off.

For an appointment to be seen for a dental emergency at our Philadelphia PA dental clinic, simply contact our office and let us know the reason for your call.

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