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Tooth Colored Fillings in Philadelphia

Dental care is essential. Brushing daily, flossing, rinsing with mouthwash, maintaining a healthy diet, and staying away from things like tobacco use can all help to prove and maintain your dental health. However, it’s also important that you visit your dentist regularly. Doing so can help you catch issues such as early cases of cavities or gingivitis. If you happen to have a cavity, then you need to have a dental filling. With the help of our Philadelphia dentist here at The Tabas Center for Advanced Dentistry you can benefit from tooth colored fillings that can restore your dental health while also maintaining your overall appearance.

In the past, cavities were often filled with metals such as amalgam or gold. Amalgam fillings are generally a mixture of different types of metals that appear darker gray or silver. While these feelings work for a period of time, they can also change the color of your tooth. Even though only the feeling is silver, it can darken the entire appearance of the tooth in question. While these fillings are not as common anymore, and for a number of reasons, alternatives like resin, composite fillings, and other options can help to treat cavities will also retaining the overall color and appearance of a tooth. Here at The Tabas Center for Advanced Dentistry our Philadelphia dentist can provide patients with tooth colored fillings that can do just that. Our dentist will make sure that your filling matches the rest of your tooth so that it looks completely seamless and will check up on it with further visits and check ups.

It’s important to treat a cavity as soon as possible so as to prevent the decay from spreading and affecting adjacent teeth. If you have a cavity, you can consider tooth colored fillings here at The Tabas Center for Advanced Dentistry. Call us today to Ardmore to book an appointment with our Philadelphia dentist.

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