Philadelphia BOTOX Injections

BOTOX Injections

Although there are now many other injectables to choose from, Botox injections are still the popular choice to temporarily relax the facial muscles that cause wrinkles, such as frown lines between the eyebrows, crow’s-feet that fan out from the corners of your eyes, and forehead furrows, the horizontal lines that form when you raise your eyebrows. This well-known “wrinkle eraser” is not just for cosmetic fixes, however, and can also be used to treat a list of problems including repetitive neck spasms, overactive bladder, excessive sweating, and even certain causes of crossed eyes. At the Tabas Center for Advanced Dentistry, we use Philadelphia Botox injections on some of our patients to help prevent their chronic migraines.

Botox was the first drug to use botulinum toxin, produced by the microbe that causes botulism. Botulism is actually a type of food poisoning, but in this application it temporarily paralyzes muscle activity. Our well-educated specialists explain to each patient how Philadelphia Botox injections block specific chemical signals from nerves. These are mainly signals that cause your muscles to contract.  Botox is a prescription medicine that is injected directly into the chosen muscle with significant, noticeable results, without surgery and no recovery time.

Created by a company called Allergan, Botox has been around for over 20 years, and has an extremely high safety and effectiveness rate. Botox must be injected every three to six months to maintain its effect and keep the look of smoother skin and reduced wrinkles. Ultimately, it is far more important who is injecting your Botox, their technique, as well as their understanding of the product. Our experienced doctors at the Tabas Center for Advanced Dentistry stay educated on all the latest in cosmetic and Botox advancements. As Board Certified Dermatologists, we are accredited by the American Board of Dermatology and have been practicing dermatology for many years.  With all the choices available for cosmetic enhancements, we are happy to consult with you to make sure that Philadelphia Botox injections are the right choice for you.

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