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Pediatric Dentist in Philadelphia

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Preparing Your Child for their First Dental Visit

Pediatric Dentist in Philadelphia
Pediatric Dentist in Philadelphia

Children are notoriously afraid of going to the dentist, that’s why it’s important to prepare them fully for their first trip to the dentist’s chair. At The Tabas Center for Advanced Dentistry, those looking for a pediatric dentist in Philadelphia can feel assured that their children will be walking into a clean, safe and sterile environment. We provide a fun and welcoming atmosphere so your child will feel happy and relaxed during their first dental visit.

It’s especially important to keep up with pediatric dental care considering that it’s easy for kids to get cavities. Without proper brushing and flossing, food and other debris can get caught up in between the teeth and gums. Bacteria form that can contribute to plaque, which eats away at the tooth’s enamel. Eventually a hole forms and a cavity is introduced to the tooth. A filling is usually needed to fill the cavity. We take pride in teaching our young patients how to brush and floss and engage in proper brushing habits. Our pediatric dentist in Philadelphia will have them relaxed and at ease, and before they know it, the visit will be over and they’ll be going home with a new toothbrush and a clean smile. To prepare your child for their first visit, we recommend talking with them about what’s going to happen and what to expect. Making sure your child is relaxed and not agitated before bringing them in is also a great idea to make them more comfortable when they arrive.

Once here, we’ll find a fun way to introduce your child to all our equipment and to walk them through exactly what is going to happen during their comprehensive first exam. Our focus is to teach them oral health habits that will last a lifetime. We teach them about cavities, and how to best take care of their oral health to prevent those cavities. The first step to good oral health is to maintain good oral hygiene, and to have your child come in for annual dental exams at least once a year. This sets a precedence for them that will last a lifetime.

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