Dental X-Rays in Philadelphia

Dental X-ray in Philadelphia

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Philadelphia dental exams

Dental x-ray in Philadelphia
Dental x-ray in Philadelphia

Aside from good oral hygiene habits at home, the very best thing you can do to achieve and maintain a high level of dental and periodontal health is with a complete exam every six months at our office. The Tabas Center for Advanced Dentistry is on the cutting edge of the latest techniques, equipment, and information in dentistry. But some things never change, such as the benefits of periodic dental checkups, and our dental x-ray in Philadelphia.

A visual and physical inspection of your teeth is the first step in our dental exams. If you have any loose teeth, fillings, or restorations, it’s important to find that out right away. But to do a thorough cavity evaluation means more than just what the naked eye can see. Our dental x-ray in Philadelphia will give our dentist a close-up look inside your teeth, and enable detection of even small cavities. It’s vital to get them treated with a filling before they can grow. That’s because large cavities are closely linked to a higher risk for infection in the pulp of you tooth, the need for root canal therapy, and even having a tooth pulled. And because we use state-of-the-art digital x-rays, not only are we able to get a clearer view, but you exposed to far less radiation than you would be with traditional x-rays; up to a 90% reduction. That’s taking care of your dental health in the most responsible way possible.

In addition to our dental x-ray in Philadelphia, we will also evaluate you for the presence of gum disease. Gingivitis, the first stage, is sometimes overlooked because there may be mild or even no symptoms present. But it is essential to address it, because gingivitis can typically be reversed with a simple teeth cleaning (or two). By contrast, if left unchecked, gum disease progresses to the more advanced stage of periodontitis, which necessitates a more extreme cleaning treatment called scaling and root planing. You will also be screened for oral cancers as part of your visit. As with cancer in any part of the body, early detection is associated with the best outcomes. And if any signs are noted, you will be referred to an appropriate specialist for follow-up care.

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