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Tooth Pain

Everyone who has ever experienced tooth pain agrees that they never want to feel it again. At The Tabas Center for Advanced Dentistry, it is our goal to help you prevent toothaches and the pain associated with them. The best way to do that is to combine a smart at-home strategy with our twice yearly dental exams in South Philadelphia. By looking after your teeth, you can reduce the odds of tooth pain and of needing invasive work such as root canal therapy or worse still, having a tooth removed.

The first line of defense is what you eat and drink. Adhering to a nutritious diet and avoiding excess sugar is an excellent way to prevent tooth decay. Also, you should brush and floss your teeth a minimum of twice daily, once upon wakening and again before you go to sleep. Ideally, it’s best to do so after every meal. But no matter how well you brush and floss, some food particles, plaque, and tartar can remain. They’re sneaky, hiding between teeth and in gum pockets, the hard to reach areas. That’s why you need a dental cleaning¬†every six months as part of our dental exams in South Philadelphia.

A professional dental cleaning removes all of the unwanted enemies of your teeth, leaving your mouth fresh and stopping tooth decay in its tracks. If the plaque, tartar, and food remnants remain in your mouth, cavities will eventually form and continue to grow, eating

Philadelphia Family Dental Care
Philadelphia Family Dental Care

away your precious tooth enamel. If you don’t get a dental cleaning regularly, those cavities will lead to bacteria getting into the pulp chamber of your tooth, resulting in a root canal infection. The pain that is associated with that is typically more severe than a regular toothache. Given enough time, tooth decay can destroy a tooth to the point where it can’t be saved. In those cases, an extraction is usually the only option left. When you consider the cost in time, money, and pain that is linked to not getting twice yearly dental cleanings, the benefits become very clear. So call us today and schedule yours.

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