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What is gum disease in Philadelphia

Best dentist in Philadelphia
Best dentist in Philadelphia

Gum disease is the irritation, inflammation, or infection of your gum tissue that is caused by the effects of dental plaque and tartar. There are various stages of it, and at The Tabas Center for Advanced Dentistry, you can be assured of expert care and treatment in order to keep your gums strong, healthy, and vibrant both now and in the future.

Gingivitis is the first stage. It is typically marked by redness and irritation, both of which might be mild enough so that you are not even aware. It is not uncommon for gingivitis to be diagnosed as part of a twice-yearly visit to our best dentist in Philadelphia for an oral examination. The good news is that gingivitis can usually be reversed with a simple teeth cleaning; one that you get as part of your oral examination. If gingivitis is not addressed in the proper time frame, you could end up with either chronic or aggressive periodontal disease. The effects of both are similar, but the difference is that with the aggressive type, it can move much more quickly. Certain health problems contribute to periodontal disease, even in the absence of plaque and tartar. Among them are heart disease, diabetes, and respiratory illness. There is also necrotizing periodontal disease, brought on by, among others, immunosupperssion, HIV, malnutrition, and smoking. This form is marked by the gum tissue loss. If you have any of the mitigating factors listed above, it is vital that you do not miss your six month visit to our best dentist in Philadelphia for an oral examination. You may even be advised to come in more frequently. For everyone else, two times per year is enough.

Without the foundation provided by your gums, your teeth would surely become loose and fall out. With just a little bit of attentive care by our best dentist in Philadelphia, it’s possible to prevent the worst consequences of gum disease. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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