19145 Children's Dentist

19145 Children’s Dentist

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No one wants a cavity, and you certainly don’t want your child to have any. Here at Tabas Center for Advanced Dentistry, we combine an effective prevention strategy that greatly decreases the likelihood of cavities forming along with the dedication to detect and treat any cavities that do arise while they are still small.

There is a lot you can to stop the formation of cavities in your child’s teeth. Good nutrition and a close watch on how much sugar and starch are in her or his diet is an excellent start. Dental plaque is the film-like bacteria that is responsible for tooth decay. And it is that decay that leads to cavities. Our 19145 children’s dentist recommends that teeth brushing take place first thing each morning, last thing each night, and after meals. Doing that along with a daily flossing, preferably at bedtime is among the best methods for cavity prevention. Bring him or her in for a complete oral examination, x-rays, and a teeth cleaning on a six months schedule. Plaque that remains hidden in gum pockets and out of reach of your child’s toothbrush and dental floss will harden and become tartar. A teeth cleaning succeeds in removing it, which is crucial to stop new cavities before they have a chance to develop. And our 19145 children’s dentist will fill any cavities found during the checkup. If they are allowed to grow larger, then they can result in a toothache, infection, of early tooth loss, all outcomes that you and your child would rather avoid. Baby teeth may not be permanent, but they serve a valuable purpose and should fall out on their normal schedule. Adult teeth, of course, are irreplaceable and therefore even more essential.

Working with our 19145 children’s dentist, you can happy good outcomes for the vast majority of your child’s checkups. Please contact us now to set up an appointment.

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